Guests from Europe

The Wizard of Colours (Čarovnik Barv) (3+) | Lutkovno gledališče Maribor (SI) & LOFT (HR)

Director: Morana Dolenc | in German

A magical piece about what happens when the wizard of colours sets to work - a grey city starts to become colourful and city-life is turned upside-down.

Night Light (I nattens lys) (3+) | Teater Refleksion & Andy Manley (DK/GB)

Director: Bjarne Sandborg | without language

Day is coming to an end and soon everyone will go to sleep. Everybody that is except for one child, who cannot sleep, because he wants to find out who takes care of the night. Be amazed by this poetic adventure.

Nine to Five (Metro, Boulot, Dodo) (5+) | Nevski Prospekt (BE)

Director: Gregory Caers | without language

This fast-moving dance-theatre piece tells the story of a rather unremarkable man, whose usual routine is suddenly broken by a minor incident. Very soon everything seems to get completely out of hand. Slapstick at its finest!

Cellostorm (5+) | Oorkaan & Cello Octet (NL)
Director: Dagmar Slagmolen | without language

What does friendship sound like? We discover the answer to this question and much more when we accompany a dove on its adventurous journey through the jungle, across the steppe, the oceans and the deserts – accompanied by music from all over the world.

Hugging Air (Je brasse de l’air) (6+) | Compagnie L'Insolite Mécanique (FR)
Director: Camille Trouvé | in English

In this charming piece of object theatre we find ourselves in a place which seems to exist outside time. It almost seems as if we are in a laboratory. A fantastical journey for everyone, whether young or old, who likes to dream.

The Elephants’ Trek (A Caminhada dos Elefantes) 6+) | Formiga Atómica (PT)
Director: Miguel Fragata | in German

An actor takes us on a fabulous journey through life and into the beyond. It’s a subject matter which is not often talked about, but which concerns every one of us.

Off Track (Sur le fil) (6+) | Compagnie Pyramid (FR)
Director: Nancy Rusek | without language

With a vibrant mix of hip hop and poetry, six dancers invite us to delve into a world in which the stage set comes to life and other amazing things happen!

Sense (SEИS) (7+) | Compagnie Arcosm (FR)
Director: Thomas Guerry | without language

In the past the Companie Arcosm has again and again delighted our audiences with its inventive dance theatre pieces. This year the memories of the main character lead us into an absurd world, where everything seems to be possible.

A Story Of A House That Turned Into A Dot (Historien om huset, der blev til en prik) (8+) | Teatret Gruppe 38 (DK)

Director: Catherine Poher | in German

The story is told of how long the way home is, when you run away in anger and the world behind you gets smaller and smaller.

Hubo (8+) | El Patio Teatro (ES)
Directors: Julián Sáenz-Lopez & Izaskun Fernández | without language

A search for memories, which are hidden under water and have almost been forgotten. This story about a woman who doesn’t want to leave her home is told with humour and love.

I Will Be Everything … (8+) | 7 Theatres from 7 Countries
Director: Alex Byrne | in various languages

An EU Project: seven theatres collected stories about the world of tomorrow from around 3000 third graders and have developed these stories into a multivoiced, mulitlingual theatre piece.

Falling Dreams (10+) | Het Filiaal theatermakers (NL)
Director: Monique Corvers | in German

A limitless adventure full to the brim with live-video, poetry and music bursting with energy! Anything can happen here, just like in a dream.

Focus Bavaria

Three Little Pigs (Drei kleine Schweinchen) (4+) | Theater an der Rott, Eggenfelden

Director: Eva Kaufmann | in German

The well-known fairy-tale told somewhat differently. A story which tells of the power of friendship, about being a wolf, about fear, trust, freedom and security.

The Loopy Lounge (Das verrückte Wohnzimmer) (5+) | Junges Theater Regensburg

An amusing story about an eccentric old lady, her new neighbour and the strange things that happen in their appartments. And so they decide together to get to the bottom of the matter.

The Robber Hotzenplotz (Der Räuber Hotzenplotz) (5+) | Theater Kuckucksheim, Adelsdorf

Robber Hotzenplotz has stolen grandmother’s coffee grinder! Kasperl and Seppel set about catching him and land themselves in a tricky situation…

I Love You (Ich lieb dich) (8+) | SchauBurg Munich
Director: Ulrike Günther | in German

This award-winning piece concerns itself with the big question - what is love? A boy and a girl examine the question and observe the love of the people that they know.

Having and Wanting (Habenwollen) (10+) | Spiel.Werk Ansbach
Director: Daniela Aue | only little language

This acrobatic dance-theatre concerns itself with the question whether it is still at all possible to Be if you don‘t Have, and how closely linked happiness and ability are.

Home Game Nuremberg

At Home Abroad (Daheim in der Welt) (4+) | Thalias Kompagnons, Nuremberg
Director: Tristan Vogt | in German

Everyone needs a home, a place one belongs, people who make you feel you belong, a place where one feels safe.

Only a Day (Nur ein Tag) (6+) | Theater Mummpitz, Nuremberg

What would it be like to have just one day to live? Fox and Wild Boar ask themselves this question as they watch the Mayfly hatching. What happens if the fly turns out to be charming, if they become friends, or even fall in love with her?

The Queen Bee (Die Bienenkönigin) (7+) | Theater Salz + Pfeffer, Nuremberg

Far away from the kingdom they come from, two king’s sons roam the land and do whatever they feel like doing. But then real life catches up with them…

Matti and Sami (Matti und Sami) (8+) | Theater Pfütze, Nuremberg
Director: Britta Kristina Schreiber | in German

Soemtimes lies are just fibs, sometimes they are something much bigger. Matti‘s and Sami’s world becomes unbalanced every time that grown-ups tell lies. Unfortunately this happens again and again and sometimes the situation can get out of control.

Morph?! (8+) | Alexandra Rauh & Gunnar Seidel, Nuremberg
Directors: Alexandra Rauh & Gunnar Seidel | in German

With a great deal of humour five dancers take commonplace cliches, mix them up, put them together again in a new way and ask, among other things, how children create their view of the world.


Invaders (Envahisseurs) (7+) | Compagnie Bakélite (FR)

Director: Olivier Rannou | only little language

Are we the only beings in the universe? It seems very unlikely! Be witness to the sudden appearance of flying saucers and an alien invasion. Are you ready?

Practising Love (Liebe üben) (10+) | Theater Sgaramusch (CH) & Nevski Prospekt (BE)

Director: Hannah Biedermann | in German

An actress and a dancer fetch love from its place in seventh heaven and bring it down to the stagefloor, a place where people rehearse, practise and sweat. And where anything is possible. Because love is a part of life, because she is beautiful, but at the same time she is complicated.

panoptikum ist eine Veranstaltung des Theater Mummpitz Nürnberg. panoptikum steht unter der Schirmherrschaft von Bernd Sibler, Bayerischer Staatsminister für Wissenschaft und Kunst und wurde mit dem EFFE Label (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) als eines von „Europe’s finest festivals“ ausgezeichnet.