Invited from Europe

Le Clan de Songes (FR) | Fragile | Object Theatre | 3+

by Marina Montefusco | Direction: Herve Billerit | without language

A little man with a little case is on his way, going straight from one side to the other. Simple? Not at all, because suddenly a little hole opens up and his legs are too short to climb across the big gap…

Teater Pero (SE) | Astons stenar (Aston's Stones) | Theatre | 3+

based on the picture book by Lotte Geffenblad | Direction: Peter Engkvist | in German

A child, who is a passionate collector, tests his parents’ patience to the limit. Luckily a good idea re-establishes peace in the family. Or perhaps not. Live music and subtle humour accompany children and adults through this charming little story.

Vaivén Circo (ES) | No molestar (Do Not Disturb) | Circus | 4+

Direction: Rosa Diaz & Raquel Pretel | without language
Circus meets dance and theatre. Four factory workers are supposed to build a big machine. But none of them knows how and none of them knows what the machine is supposed to do. With no instructions funny and absurd moments and inevitable catastrophes ensue.

Post uit Hessdalen (BE) | Pakman | Site-Specific | 5+

Direction: Ine Van Baelen | without language

1 parcel, 2 forms, 3 Stamps, 6 signatures, 450 times a day, 159,750 parcels a year…A dynamic exchange of blows between a percussionist and a juggler which leaves the audience, young and old, in amazement.

teater2tusind & Teatret Gruppe 38 (DK) | Mørket ligger under sengen (The Darkness Rests Under the Bed) | Theatre | 5+

Direction: Catherine Poher | in German

What do you do when Mum and Dad visit unexpectedly and you don’t have any time for them? Without further ado you hide in bed…This piece tells, in a poetic and humorous way, how light hides in the pitch black night and the shadows of darkness get up to mischief.

Hop Signor Puppet Theatre (GR) | Tabula Rosa | Puppet Theatre | 6+

by Evgenia Tsichlia | Direction: Evgenia Tsichlia & Stathis Markopoulos | without language

While a writer is busy at his work he finds himself shrinking. The more he engrosses himself, the tinier he gets. And what is it that he’s so busy writing? A magical marionette theatre shows us a tiny character with a big secret.

Laika (BE) | De passant (The Passer-by) | Dance Theatre | 6+

Direction: Michai Geyzen | without language

What is home? A home can be very big or very small; sometimes you can smell it, sometimes you can hold onto it and sometimes it’s hanging in the air…. With infectious energy three dancers and a musician tell the story of what it feels like to be at home and about homesickness.

Theater Artemis (NL) | Oorlog (War) | Theatre | 6+

Direction: Jetse Batelaan | in German

This war is a comedy. And, just as in a children’s game, it’s absurdity which rules on this chaotic stage and leaves little room for fear, loss and bereavement and plenty of space for comedy and fantasy.

Compagnie La Vouivre (FR) | La Belle (Beauty) | Dance | 7+
Choreography: Samuel Faccioli & Bérengère Fournier | without language

A powerful visually inspired dance performance, in which childhood, youth and adulthood meet, as if in a dream – a magical, sensuous theatre experience.

Ensemble Resonanz & Elbphilharmonie (DE) | Reise in eine neue Welt (Journey to a New World) | Music Theatre | 7+
Direction: Dan Tanson | without language

Four musicians and their string instruments take us on a journey: with small gestures, big music and fabulous projections. They tell a story and allow us a lot of space for our own associations.

TOF Théâtre (BE) | J'y pense et puis… (I Think and Then...) | Site-Specific | 8+
Direction: Alain Moreau | without language

It seems as if we’ve been invited to a surprise party. And then we discover a secret…and not just any old secret. This secret has been on a long journey, before arriving here. And what are we supposed to do with it? A mysterious piece, involving two life-size puppets and many objects.

Velo Théâtre (FR) | La grenouille au fond du puits croit que le ciel est rond (From the Bottom of the Well the Frog Believes the Sky Is Round) | Installation & Object Theatre | 8+
Tania Castaing, José Lopez & Charlot Lemoine | in German and French

Three loyal servants guide us through the inner-world of their master, who spent his life collecting houses. They open the doors to his wondrous chambers and we are invited to saunter through these magical rooms.

Invited from Bavaria

Theater Kunstdünger, Valley | Die Prinzessin kommt um vier (The Princess Arrives at Four) | Theatre | 4+
ased on the picture book by Wolfdietrich Schnurre | Direction: Michael Thorbecke

The hyena is the nastiest of all animals and nobody would invite her for coffee. But what if in reality she’s a princess who’s had a spell put on her. A vividly told story about outsiders and acceptance, which gives hope to everyone with self-doubts.

Schauburg – Theater für junges Publikum, München | Tanz Trommel (Dance Drum) | Dance | 6+
Direction: Andrea Gronemeyer | Choreography: Julie Pecard | without language

Two people meet. One of them uses her body to explore the world. She expresses what she sees using her feet, legs, back, arms, head and hands. The other explores using sound: he bangs, claps, drums, blows, booms and blasts. They use no words, but the piece is full of the language of two people experiencing the magic of discovery.

Theater an der Rott / Junge Hunde, Eggenfelden | Wie man die Zeit vertreibt (How To While Away Time) | Theatre | 8+
Direction: Simon Windisch

What happens when time doesn’t pass? Or when time is relative? Or when it goes by very quickly? A waiting child experiences a quirky, funny and philosophical adventure. Because waiting is not just empty time. Waiting is an art form.

Die kleinste Bühne der Welt, Pullach | Wie die Welt auf die Welt kam (How the World Came Into the World) | Object Theatre | 10+
Direction: Hedwig Rost & Jörg Baesecke

What came first – the chicken or the egg? And how do human beings, wherever they come from, imagine the creation of the earth? Two narrators take us on a voyage of discovery – guiding their fingers back and forth across the globe.

Theater Schloss Maßbach | 35 Kilo Hoffnung (95 Pounds of Hope) | Theatre | 10+
by Petra Wüllenweber based on the book by Anna Gavalda | Direction: Stella Seefried

Repeating a school year, parents who rant and rave, and never-ending failure at school - a vicious cycle, with no way out! Or maybe there is a way? A lively and humorous story about becoming independent, bases on the book by the French bestseller author.

Carte Blanche for the Nuremberg Scene

Theater Rootslöffel | Hans im Glück (Hans in Luck) | Theatre | 4+
based on Brothers Grimm | Direction: Frizz Lechner & Thomas Herr

Is Hans gullible and stupid? Or has he realized that there are things more valuable than gold and money? Grimms’ fairy tale, retold with imagination and humour.

Thalias Kompagnons & ensemble KONTRASTE | Der Karneval der Tiere (The Carnival of Animals) | Puppet Theatre | 6+
by Camille Saint-Saëns | Musical arrangements: Rhodri Britton

A narrator and an artist join together to bring the animals from Camille Saint-Saëns’ musical suite “Carnival of Animals” to life.

Theater Mummpitz | Kaschtanka | Music Theatre | 6+
by Anton Chekhov | Direction: Andrea Maria Erl

The curtain is raised to tell this world classic of literature for children with live music, real performers and amazing feats – and to provide the answer to the question: do dogs get homesick?

Theater Pfütze | Der Besuch (The Visit) | Theatre | 6+
y Antje Damm | Direction: Jürgen Decke

A gentle story about an encounter between the generations and about what you can give to someone when you dare to be curious and sincere – the desire to live!

Theater Salz+Pfeffer | Oskar und das Geheimnis der verschwundenen Kinder (Oscar and the Mystery of the Disappearing Children | Puppet Theatre | 7+
based on the book by Claudia Frieser | Direction: Wally Schmidt

Who wouldn’t like to be a time-traveller? Oskar is lucky and finds himself in Nuremberg in the middle-ages. Nothing is as he imagined. Without Albrecht’s help he would probably have never been able to get back…

Alexandra Rauh & Tafelhalle | Tabula Rasa | Dance Theatre | 8+

Choreography: Alexandra Rauh | Direction: Gunnar Seidel

Five dancers from different cultures find themselves in a kind of test laboratory. How can they get on with each other? Trial and error and start again – these are the rules of play in this charming and captivating dance theatre piece.

panoptikum ist eine Veranstaltung des Theater Mummpitz Nürnberg. panoptikum steht unter der Schirmherrschaft von Bernd Sibler, Bayerischer Staatsminister für Wissenschaft und Kunst und wurde mit dem EFFE Label (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) als eines von „Europe’s finest festivals“ ausgezeichnet.