Having been held every two years since 2000, the panoptikum festival has become a popular event to explore the wide range of children's theatre both from Europe as well as from Bavaria. It covers many different genres for ages 3 to 12.

panoptikum is an excellent place to meet artists, producers, presenters, programmers, and educators from Germany and abroad and enjoy the hospitable and relaxed festival atmosphere in Nuremberg.

Currently we are in the middle of the preparations: More information about the performances and the schedule follow soon. But, you can download information about the delegate packages already now. However, the easiest way to stay up to date is to subscribe to our newsletter!

Attention! Applications of theatre companies to join the programme of panoptikum 2020 cannot be accepted anymore!

From Europe

  • Lutkovno gledališče & LOFT (SI / HR): Čarovnik barv (3+)
  • Teater Refleksion & Andy Manley (DK / GB): I nattens lys (3+)
  • Nevski Prospekt (BE): Metro Boulot Dodo (5+)
  • Oorkaan & Cello Octet (NL): Cello Storm (5+)
  • L'Insolite Mecanique (FR): Je brasse de l’air (6+)
  • Formiga Atómica (PT): A Caminhada dos Elefantes (6+)
  • Cie. Pyramid (FR): Sur le fil (6+)
  • Cie. Arcosm (FR): Sens (7+)
  • Teatret Gruppe 38 (DK): Historien om huset.... (8+)
  • Cie. El Patio (ES): Hubo (8+)
  • Het Filiaal (NL): Falling Dreams  (10+)


  • Cie. Bakélite (FR): Envahisseurs (7+)
  • NIE & Odsherred Teater & Theater Mummpitz & Nordland Teater  & Teatr Figur & TaO & Baratza Aretoa (7 countries): I Will Be Everything… (8+)
  • Theater Sgaramusch / Nevski Prospekt (CH / BE): Liebe üben (10+)

Supporting Program

  • "Happy Places" - A Listening Room of Children's Stories and Thoughts
  • ASSITEJ-Workshop "Images of Childhood, Gender & Family in TYA" (Feb. 7)
  • Panoptikum on Ice (Feb. 7)
  • Encounters and festivities

From Bavaria

  • Thalias Kompagnons, Nuremberg: Daheim in der Welt (4+)
  • Junge Hunde, Eggenfelden: Drei kleine Schweinchen (4+)
  • Junges Theater Regensburg: Das verrückte Wohnzimmer (5+)
  • Theater Kuckucksheim, Adelsdorf: Der Räuber Hotzenplotz (5+)
  • Theater Mummpitz, Nuremberg: Nur ein Tag (6+)
  • Theater Salz + Pfeffer, Nuremberg: Die Bienenkönigin (7+)
  • Alexandra Rauh & Gunnar Seidel, Nuremberg: Morph?! (8+)
  • SchauBurg Munich: Ich lieb dich (8+)
  • Theater Pfütze, Nuremberg: Matti und Sami (8+)
  • Spiel.Werk Ansbach: Habenwollen (10+)

panoptikum is organized by Theater Mummpitz, an independent children's theatre based at the Children's Cultural Centre "Kachelbau", where the Nuremberg Children's Museum also offers children's cultural activities. Since Theater Mummpitz was founded in 1980 more than 50 productions have been created for children age of 4 and up. The repertoire currently comprises twelve plays, most of which are mobile. In addition, Theater Mummpitz offers a varied theatre education programme and regularly takes its productions on guest performance and festival tours in Germany and abroad. In 2009 Theater Mummpitz created the Nürnberger Kulturrucksack (Nuremberg Cultural Backpack), a program for children from less privileged Nuremberg districts.

panoptikum was awarded the EFFE label (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) in 2018 as one of "Europe's finest festivals".

panoptikum ist eine Veranstaltung des Theater Mummpitz Nürnberg. panoptikum steht unter der Schirmherrschaft von Bernd Sibler, Bayerischer Staatsminister für Wissenschaft und Kunst und wurde mit dem EFFE Label (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) als eines von „Europe’s finest festivals“ ausgezeichnet.