Kindertheater aus Bayern und Europa in Nürnberg

19. bis 24. Januar 2016

eine Veranstaltung von

TheatreStories For All Senses
panoptikum – The European-Bavarian Festival for Children's Theatre

Having been held every two years since 2000, the panoptikum festival has become a popular event to explore the wide range of children's theatre both from Europe as well as from Bavaria. It's a place to meet theatre professionals and festival organisers from Germany and abroad and enjoy the hospitable and relaxed festival atmosphere in Nuremberg.
Delegate Packages lead you through the festival in a pleasant and simple way.

Take a look at some moving images of our festival 2016! For those who missed the 2014 festival: our videoclip allows a glimpse at the program 2014 and the press reviews you can download here.

Programme 2016


Da.te Danza (Spain) | What Is My Name (Cuál es mi nombre) | 3+ | Dance theatre | Choreographed by Omar Meza
 Without language |
A colourful dance piece, created for the very young, but not just for them. Two dancers demonstrate what they can do, combining virtuosity with poetry and humour. And the best thing about the piece: these dancers can act too.

Kopergietery (Belgium) | The Queen Has Vanished (De koningin is verdwenen) | 5+ | Theatre with Music | In German | Video
A dynamic musical, combining theatre, live music and video illustrations which are painted live on stage. The piece achieves a perfect balancing act between comedy and tragedy.

Cie. Arcosm (France) | Bounce! | 6+ | Dance and Music | Directed by Thomas Guerry & Camille Rocailleux | Without language
Two dancers and two musicians give all they’ve got to defy a cube, which is in their way and causes both their bodies and their senses to be confused. A sensitive and funny piece, full of optimism for both young and old.

Farres Brothers (Spain) | The Crew (Tripula) | 6+ | Theatre and installation | Directed by Jordi Palet i Puig | In Catalan with German voice-over | Video
We climb right into the middle of a hot-air balloon, right into the middle of infinite outer space – the start of a fantastic journey through space and time…

Zonzo Compagnie (Belgium) | Mile(s)tones | 6+ | Music theatre | Directed by Wouter van Looy | Without language | Video
A percussionist, a pianist and a trumpeter reveal to their audience, in a playful and imaginative way, the fascinating world of the legendary jazz composer and trumpeter, Miles Davis.

Theater Ozelot (Germany) | The Courageous Princess Luckless (Mutige Prinzessin Glücklos)| 7+ | Narrative theatre | Directed by Gabriele Hänel | In German
The little princess, who really wants to do everything right, is thwarted by bad luck. But then along comes Francesca and she knows how good luck works. A powerful solo, performed by a fantastic comedian who possesses a magic golden thread and a great deal of sympathy for the luckless.

ymedioteatro (Spain) | SoloS | 7+ | Object Theatre | Directed by ymedioteatro | Without language | Video
In “SoloS” we take a clandestine look through the keyhole and take an affectionate look at a person, who forgets a great deal and
will perhaps soon be forgotten himself.

Gruppe 38 (Denmark) | I'm Not Afraid of Anything (Jeg er ikke bange for noget) | 8+ | Theatre | Directed by Catherine Poher
In German |
I’m not afraid of anything, but I’m also not afraid to admit that perhaps I could be afraid…A piece about our secret delight in fear.

Het Laagland (Netherlands) | Expedition Peter Pan (Expeditie Peter Pan) | 8+ | Theatre | Directed by Inèz Derksen | In German
Peter Pan, the boy who didn’t want to grow up, has all sorts of tricks up his sleeve to persuade five obstinate adults to return to the world of fantasy. He takes them by the hand and Neverland becomes the biggest adventure of their lives.

Vorstadttheater (Switzerland) | Bambi | 8+ | Theatre | Directed by Matthias Grupp | In German | Video
German-alpine-romance-trash - rediscovering the story of the most famous fawn of all time! A story packed with poetry, quirky humour and depth, which looks at childhood, growing up and the never-ending cycle of existence.

Teatr Figur (Poland) | Billy Fog (Mglisty Billy) | 10+ | Shadow Theatre | Directed by Mateusz Przyłecki | In German | Video
A moving and comical shadow play about Billy and his search for the meaning of life and death. For everyone who is ten years old now or was once ten years old.

Gare Centrale (Belgium) | Breakers (Ressacs) | 13+ | Object Theatre | Directed by Agnès Limbos | In German
Having lost everything they ever owned, a couple end up, lost at sea, in an old boat. They eventually reach a small island, where everything seems to be possible. A production which artistically combines object theatre, dialogue and music.



Junges Theater Regensburg | Does It Have to Be That Way??!  (Gehört das so??!) | 4+ | Theatre with Music | Directed by Jule Kracht | In German |  Video
A girl walks through a park and gives vent to her bad temper – her bird Elvis is lying dead in her handbag. A poignant story about loss and the comfort that friends can provide, told with great charm and accompanied by live music.

Kirchmann + Hess | Let's Find a Treasure!  (Komm, wir finden einen Schatz) | 4+ | Theatre | Directed by Thomas Herr | In German
Janosch’s classic tale about friendship and adventure. Two people look for a story in which a tiger and a bear look for treasure.

theater // an der Rott | junge // hunde | Princess Isabella (Prinzessin Isabella) | 4+ | Theatre |Directed by Markus Steinwender | In German |  Video
It must be really great to be a princess – or really boring! At least that is what Princess Isabella thinks. And so, on a whim, she throws her crown into the goldfish pond and refuses to fish it out. She would much rather climb trees…

Die Exen | The Song of the Cricket (Das Lied der Grille) | 5+ | Puppet Theatre | Directed by Kristina Stahl | In German | Video
An inhabited piano tells the story of what happens when you spend all your time playing the fiddle and throw caution to the wind, a story in which the beauty of art is compared with the daily grind, and empty stomachs with full pantries.

Theater Kunstdünger | Rumpelstiltskin or Miss Miller Spins Yarn (Rumpelstilzchen oder Fräulein Müller spinnt) | 6+ | Theatre | Directed by Michl Thorbecke | In German | Video
Miss Miller can spin straw into gold, just like her mother could….Stop! Wasn’t it Rumpelstiltskin who could spin straw into gold.? Or how was it back then, when Grandpa Miller claimed that his daughter could spin straw into gold? Or who exactly is spinning the yarn here?



Thalias Kompagnons | White As Night And Black Is Bright, Or: Where Do Paintings Come From? (Rabenschwarz und Naseweiß oder: Wo kommen die Bilder her?) | 4+ | Theatre and painting | Directed by Tristan Vogt | In German | Premiere
A painting adventure, played out between dark and light, back and front, give and take and the secret of how opposites join together to make the world. A voyage of discovery for intrepid travellers aged 4 upwards.

Theater Rootslöffel | Midge and Moth (Mücke und Motte) | 4+ | Theatre | Directed by Alex Teubner | In German
A fluffy adventure about two creatures who love their life in the dust – until one day a brochure from a cleaning firm stirs up a whirlwind in their dusty little world.

Theater Mummpitz | Snow White (Schneewittchen) | 6+ | Theatre with Music| Directed by Andrea Maria Erl | In German |Video
“Once upon a time in the middle of winter when the snowflakes fell like feathers from the sky….” Thus begins one of the Grimm brothers’ most famous fairy tales. It’s all just a fairy tale? Not here!

Theater Salz+Pfeffer | Does It Have to Be That Way??! (Gehört das so??!) | 6+ | Puppet Theatre | Directed by Paul Schmidt | In German | Video
Elvis is dead, not THE Elvis, but the little canary, Elvis. The child walks through the park, heartbroken. Five actors tell this sensitive story about courage and standing up for one’s beliefs, with atmospheric music and amusing puppets.

Theater Pfütze | The Book About  Everything (Das Buch von allen Dingen) | 10+ | Theatre | Directed by Marcelo Diaz | In German | Video
There are things in Thomas’ world which remain hidden from other people. He writes about all these beautiful things in his ”Book about Everything”. But it wouldn’t be the “Book about Everything” if he only wrote about good things…



Discussions, encounters, festivities and of course the legendary panoptikum on ice!

panoptikum is organized by Theater Mummpitz, an independent children's theatre based at the Children's Cultural Centre "Kachelbau", where the Nuremberg Children's Museum and the municipal KinderKunstRaum also offer children's cultural activities. Since the theatre was founded in 1980 more than 50 productions have been created for children age of 4 and up. The repertoire currently comprises ten plays, most of which are mobile. In addition, Theater Mummpitz offers a varied theatre education programme and regularly takes its productions on guest performance and festival tours in Germany and abroad. In 2009 Theater Mummpitz created the Nürnberger Kulturrucksack (Nuremberg Cultural Backpack), a program for children from unprivileged Nuremberg districts.